Who We Are


#EducateOURmen is the signature initiative of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation that supports and develops African-American men.



1. providing need-based scholarships to obtain undergraduate degrees primarily from HBCUs:

a. money to help you go to school after you have tried everything else

b. money to help you stay in school with funding for tuition, books, room and board and travel

2. providing access to career and personal mentoring:

a. helping you get to know more about the field you want to make a career of

b. introducing you to people who can show you how to make changes to your life that will benefit your journey



3. increasing cultural education and social responsibility by giving you examples of how your lives should be lived, for example:

a. how to preserve your life and integrity, along with others,  in tense situations

b. how to respect your elders

c. how to treat a woman like a woman

d. loving your family and neighbor

e. showing respect to those you communicate with

f. listening – reasoning – being courteous

g. being mindful that you are meant to protect us:  black women, children, community



1. We have partnered with organizations like  Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, The National

Attractive young man reading book. Wearing yellow short sleeve shirt and khaki shorts. Shot in studio over white.

Urban League, Dillard University, BET Networks, and Russel Simmons companies

2. At the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards we gave away three $50,000 scholarships



1. We will continue to raise money to provide scholarships

2. We will continue to partner with organizations and individuals who believe in our cause

3. We will raise awareness to further the mission in Educating Our Men




1. show positive images of african american men in entertainment and in the community

2. show that black men are loving —  supportive — and that they take care of their children

3. show that black men are gentle — the opposite of what mainstream media has a tendency

to show

4. provide a reminder of all who have come before us who have done great work in our communities


About the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation

Founded by MC Lyte, the legendary lyricist and iconic hip-hop pioneer, Hip Hop Sisters is a non-profit foundation that promotes positive images of women of ethnic diversity, bringing leaders together from the world of Hip Hop, the entertainment industry, and the corporate world.  We provide national and international support to women and youth around the globe on the topics of:


Her vision includes providing resources to support community based and grass roots organizations that further the advancement of the missions and goals set forth by the organization.

Our governing and advisory boards are composed of a seasoned group of corporate, entertainment, and non-profit executives and celebrities who personally embody the principles and values that MC Lyte has championed over her illustrious career.

Board of Directors

MC Lyte, Founder and Chairman

Lynn Richardson, President and CEO

Felicia Shaw, Secretary/Treasurer and Partnershp Chair


Associate VP of Community & Internal Affairs 

Diseree M. Clay 


Celebrity Advisory Board Members

Alesha Renee

Cheryl “Salt” James


Christopher “Play” Martin

Dr. Benjamin Chavis

Faith Evans


Jada Pinkett Smith

Jeff Johnson

Kelly Price

Kenny Lattimore


Lil Mama

Malcolm Jamal Warner

Malinda Williams

Melanie Fiona

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Nicci Gilbert

Rae Lewis Thornton

Russell Simmons

Tai Beauchamp

Valeisha Butterfield-Jones

Yo Yo

Advisory Board Committee Chairs

Michele Thornton, SVP Centric Networks

Michelle Gadsden-Williams, Diversity and Financial Expert


Join the Movement:  www.hiphopsisters.org/join-us/


Meet MC Lyte

“#educateourmen is the signature education initiative of HipHop Sisters Foundation that aims to support and develop males by providing academic scholarships to obtain baccalaureate degrees primarily from HBCU's ; provide access to career and personal mentoring; and increase cultural and social responsibility.”


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